You're probably thinking how it is that a positive comment can change the world. I must admit, I was thinking the exact same thing when I first heard about the RYTHM Foundation Positive Thoughts Project. After learning more about it, I realized just how amazing this project is.

QNET, Asia's largest direct selling company, has a special foundation known as the RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and their vision is to care for those who are most vulnerable. And that's really what makes the Positive Thoughts Project so amazing.

In an effort to provide clean water to children who need it most, QNET and the RYTHM Foundation have teamed up HomePure to donate water filters to two schools in need. The two schools are Taarana and Rashid Centre in the UAE.

Now all they need you to do is leave positive comments to help bring awareness to this life changing campaign. QNET has set up a special Facebook post where they want people to leave positive comments. The overall goal is to reach a total of 1000 comments with the first 500 coming in the first two weeks of the campaign.

If the two week goal of 500 positive comments is reached, QNET will donate the first HomePure RED water filter to Taarana. In phase 2 of the campaign, which will be the last two weeks, QNET is going to try to get an additional 500 comments which will result in the company donating the second HomePure RED water filter to Rashid Centre in the UAE.

The great thing about the Positive Thoughts Project is the way its set up. All you have to do to help is leave a positive comment. And being that most of you reading this already spend a great deal of time on Facebook anyways, taking a few seconds to leave a comment shouldn't be much of an inconvenience.

Note: All comments will be reviewed. Only comments deemed appropriate and valid will count towards the bigger goal of 1000 comments. Additionally, each individual may only leave a maximum of 3 comments.

Start commenting today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Every positive comment posted will help provide clean drinking water to children who really need it. Be sure to share the post with your friends so more and more people can get on board. The more comments they receive the more people they can help.

To learn more about QNET follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

Every country of the world has a unique model of its legal framework. This is so because legal frameworks are drawn from a country’s acceptable social and ethical conducts which are different from one country to another. As such, every country models its legal parameters to align properly with its social and ethical settings hence the differences. Brazil being one of the greatest economy in Latin America is one of the most advanced country as far as legal parameters are concerned. The country has some of the greatest lawyers in the region and its legal setting is one of the most developed in the region. As a result, the country has had to put in place strict and high ethical standards for its lawyers. 

The Brazilian Bar Association is the sole government agency in the country that oversees and keeps the country’s lawyers in check. The association was developed and established in 1930 and it was as a result of protests by a group of law students at the then Brazilian Lawyers Institute. While the Brazilian Bar Association manages and governs lawyers in the Brazilian legal front, certification and admission to the bar is not under the association’s jurisdiction. Instead, the National Commission of Legal Education is in charge of that. 

Lawyers in Brazil are well groomed and seasoned to fit in in the country’s complex justice system. In order for a lawyer to make it to the bar in Brazil, a bachelor’s degree is just one of the basic requirements but not the only requirement. There is a national examination that one is required to undertake and pass and the exam is given by the OAB twice in very academic year. However, depending on the number of anticipated graduates and intakes in the universities, the test can be given thrice a year but this is a rare circumstance. The two-sectioned test requires one to pass in both so as to get the coveted admission to the bar. 

When admitted to the bar, it is upon the lawyers to decide whether to pursue a specialized area in the legal profession. It is not bad-practice in Brazil to deal with all kinds of legal suits although one is also allowed to specialize in one area. The only important thing to observe in Brazil as a lawyer is to make sure that one operates in the utmost ethical and acceptable codes of conduct in the profession. The governing body that checks and implements these codes of conduct is the OAB and it is the same body that administers disciplinary actions against lawyers who fail to adhere to the set norms. In a nutshell, Brazilian lawyers are highly trained and legally seasoned to deal with the legal issues in the country.


Houston is the most popular city in Texas and the largest city in the Southern United States recognized in the world for its energy industry. The Houston Real Estate Industry is a robust industry that has put Houston on the map of the country. Houston’s housing market appears to be withstanding the oil slump. Single- family home sales amounted to 8,147 in July 2015, increasing by 6.7 percent from July 2014. Total sales in properties have also increased by 6 percent year over year to 9,653, while the total dollar volume went up 11.9 percent to $2.69 billion. Supply continued to increase, with total active listings up 12.7 percent year over year to 33,679. HAR Chair Nancy Furst commented that “the strength of Houston’s housing market continues to thrive because of the diverse local economy despite concerns about falling oil prices and layoffs in the energy industry this year.

The real estate has adapted to a series of trends that impact the society and the global economy as a whole. The following were the listed trends for real estate for 2015:
• 18-hour cities being put up.
• The changing age groups.
• Labor markets trending to a tipping point.
• The interrelation between real estate and technology has intensified.

  LinkedIn postulates that the CBRE Groupthis year named Cody Armbrister to lead the commercial real estate market in Houston, as the senior managing director. The CBRE is a Los-Angeles based firm which is the largest Houston area commercial real estate brokerage firm because of its 119 local licensed professionals as of January this year. In other news, the Krueger Real Estate is establishing a unique model that enhances agent retention and customer satisfaction. It takes care of most duties that a realtor is responsible for, and uses a client relation management system to keep track of clients. This approach seems to be working, since in his first year of operation he made a total of $27 million in home sales and this year making a total of $65 million.

The Houston real estate has also contributed to employment in such a positive way. In 2013, Houston was recognized as the number 1 leading U.S city for job creation. Apto Inc. commercial real estate brokerage App Company recently closed an $8 million Series B financing round, with contribution from Houston-based Mercury Fund as a follow-up to Apto Series A that it led in 2014. This contributes to employment since Apto plans to hire around 150 people. The Greater Houston Partnership Annual Employment Forecast still expects that the metro area will add thousands of jobs in 2015 alone.

The Highland Village Shopping Center is a mixed-use center built in the 1940s by S.N Adams and has been currently owned by Haidar Barbouti’s Highland Village Holdings since 1991. Haidar Barbouti has been the primary force in the real estate investments of the Barbouti family. His expertise and experience in the commercial property field, has guided the acquisition of numerous real estate investments both in Houston and in the country.

All dog owners know the importance of the quality of their dog's food. In order for your dog to have a long, healthy, and active life, you must feed your dog with proper nutrition. There are a multitude of brands available, and like any product, some are better than others. Additionally, every dog is different. Thus, dog owners must take specific items into consideration such as the age of their dog, its activity level, and the dog's present health and conditions, if any. 

Dog owners must make sure to use a brand that has done its research and knows what ingredients are key to a dog's health. They also must know their dog. For people with very active dogs, who go running for miles every day, it is necessary to select a food that is higher in calories. On the other hand, for a dog who is mainly lounging in the living room, this dog would require a lower calorie food, or perhaps even a "diet" version, since the dog may have the propensity to gain weight easily due to their lower activity levels.

Another issue to consider is the health of your dog and any conditions it may presently have. Some dogs may have a specific allergy, to something like eggs for example, and thus it is integral for the owner to find a brand that does not contain eggs. 

Puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs. Foods with higher protein and moderate fat levels are considered the ideal ratio for a growing puppy. Older dogs, on the other hand, require less calories than a puppy due to the decline in their physical activity. 

Beneful is a Purina brand dog food. Beneful estimates that more than 15 million dogs consume their products every year. The Beneful brand offers dry food, wet food, and treats for your dog.

Purina's quality control and safety protocols either meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the FDA, USDA, or AAFCO. Purina tests for over 150 substances (such as lead and arsenic) to ensure their pet foods are safe and high quality. Many dog owners may find the Beneful brand to meet the nutritional requirements of their dog and can rest assured that their dog's food is safe and nutritious.