MB2 Dental is a company that offers dental practice management and development. The company was built and run by dentists for dentists. MB2 Dental focuses their services on the specific needs of dentists and their patients. Because the company is owned and operated by dentists they know first-hand the many needs and challenges dentists have, The entire company is built around quickly addressing those problems so that the dentist can return their focus to providing quality care for their patients. Plus MB2 can provide dentists with all the tools, training and information they need to succeed.


MB2 Dental can help dental practices to reach their full potential. The organization can help dentist to see where there are opportunities to improve their practices and how those improvements can help to improve the quality of the services they provide as well as increase the value of the practice. Because MB2 Dental was created by dentists they can help dentist that uses their services to see where many opportunities currently exist and help them to see how they can take advantage of them. Their services can help dentists that own and operate their practices to earn more profit and develop a reputation for quality dental services.


No matter what type of career you're seeking in the dental industry MB2 Dental can help. Whether you are the office manager's assistant, the associate of the owner of the practice, or a new or experienced dentist that wants to fulfill their potential and offer better service to their patients, MB2 has the ability to help. They can help you get training, provide you with the resources you need, or give you valuable career advice. At MB2 Dental they understand that there is no limit to the potential for growth in the dental services industry and gladly show dentists and their staff the steps they need to take to grow.


With more than 70 MB2 Dental affiliated locations found in 6 states, the company continues to grow. The company's wide range of resources, ability to help dentists and dental practices to grow and the their loyalty to the dentists and dental employees they serve has fueled their growth. They have proven their ability to use their unmatched expertise to take their members careers and practices to a higher level and help them to better serve their patients. MB2 Dental can significantly improve the quality of your practice.


When it comes to getting in shape or just living a much healthier lifestyle, life (in-general) always seem to get in the way. There are numerous diet fads, exercise routines, and training regimens out there, but honestly speaking; "they do not work." What these very programs are missing is the natural inspiration. It's similar to January 1st of every year. Everyone makes those new year's resolutions, but never follow through to meet the end goal. You don't have to be aspiring to be a fitness model or anything like that, but you do owe it to yourself and your family for being around as long as you possibly can. This is Fabletics enters the picture.


When it comes to activewear, there are possibly hundreds of brands worldwide. The market is cluttered and most of these brands aren't necessarily considered activewear with their luxury styling. Fabletics is designed just for women and only women. The company offers many different styles of tops, yoga pants, shorts, and sports bras, but the main thing about it is that it's a monthly program. Fabletics members pay a low monthly fee while receiving innovative activewear straight from the company. This active wear looks amazing, fits great, and is affordable. There are many positive reviews of the clothing which can be worn on a daily basis. It's pretty much "free spirited with a sexy twist" says one member while others have stated that the clothing is high quality with an OMG factor.


Did you know that the actress Kate Hudson is involved with this premier brand? Actually the brand is inspired by Hudson and her healthy living way of life. Reviewer stated that "you'll feel good no matter the intensity of the workout or activity you're doing." These positive reviews are a testament that the brand has it's customers/members interest in mind unlike other brands. After signing up the discounts begin with a $25 discount deal of your choice. If there is a month to where you simply can't pay for membership, just log into your account between the 1st and 5th and click "skip this month." That's it! It's truly simple with it's no questions asked style. Just make sure to actually take this step so your account won't automatically get billed. Fabletics is setting new trends, raising the bar, and changing the current status quo of boring ineffective health programs.


Malini Saba is one of top philanthropist and investor who has made a great impact in the entire world especially in the field of investment as well as business. Born in Southern Asia, Saba has now become an incredible business woman to emulate. She began her investing journey in the 1990s dealing with companies located in Silicon Valley. She engaged herself in several business ventures including Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks, and Paypal. All these ventures have been a great source of income for Malini. Concerning her success, I personally admire the way she started her career in business simply because she also started from small while experiencing various challenges. I never knew that she at first invested in territories before come up with the leading Saban Company. As she tells her walk to success, is evident that Saba had to deal with various limitations such as corrupt people who were forcing her out together with her associates. This is a point where she lost nearly everything she had including time, money and the entire business. These limitations did not hinder her from going for her dreams. She went ahead alongside her associates to open another enterprise. Even after starting a new company, she still had to endure some challenges, but her motivation and spirit towards business never allowed her to give up. What a powerful investor?


 As we talk, Saba is enjoying her lifetime efforts due to her endurance. Currently, she is the biggest shareholder of the Saban Company that deals with real estates, energy provision, rice fields among others across the world. Besides being a business oriented woman, Malini has an amazing personality. I like the way she is sharing her success by catering to the needs and interests of other people. As we all know, Saba is the co-founder of the Global Investments in Women, a global organization for charity. It has helped many women with low incomes to improve their lives and standards of living. Saba not only builds her ideas and visions, but she cares about the lives of other women. I am motivated with how she embraces risky business opportunities while other investors are running away from those risks. I remember her saying that the commodity market her most appropriate field to invest owing to the risks involved but the returns are high. No matter her success and wealth, her family comes first. She takes good care of her kid as a person. I recall her saying that she takes her child to school each and every day. She has time for her child unlike many women of her stature. No babysitters nor nannies in her house. This act an essential lesson to learn as parents. When I am asked to describe who is Malini Saba in one sentence, I can say that she is a caring, powerful, smart and innovative woman. Surely, the world needs this kind of woman not only to change the world but also to mentor our women for greatness.


Thanks to an agreement just released between QNET India and the Japanese electronics firm Sharp, QNET is going to sell the Sharp Plasma Cluster Air Purifier as a co-branded product, Sharp-QNET. It will be promoted on QNET India's e-commerce website.

The Consumer Business President of Sharp's division in India, Kishalay Ray, said QNET had demonstrated a lot of innovation in their health and wellness line of products. By partnering with QNET, they are able to reach committed consumers who trust QNET and already purchase many health and wellness products from the company.

QNET is delighted they can offer their customers a technologically sophisticated product to improve their health.

Founded in 1912 and based in Osaka, Sharp started out making belt buckles and mechanical pencils, but eventually grew to become one of Japan's premier electronics companies, up there with Sony and Nintendo. It's a pioneer in flat screens and hand-held devices. It's also well-known for its flat-panel televisions and Internet-ready cellphones. It's the third-largest brand of mobile phones in Japan. It made the world's first transistor calculator and camera telephone.

Sharp air purifiers use its proprietary and patented Plasmacluster ion generator as well as an effective air filtration system that cleans 8 cubic meters of air per minute. Plasmacluster technology uses electrical discharges to create positive and negative ions. It issues them into the air where they surround and attach themselves to bacteria and viruses, forming oxidizing free radicals. They pull out the atoms of hydrogen in the bacteria and viruses, destroying them. The oxygen and hydrogen atoms combine to form molecules of water. Also, other ions discharge the static electricity in the air, neutralizing the dust, pollen and mold, which is then taken out by the unit's filtration system. This greatly helps sufferers of allergies. Larger particles are trapped by a micromesh. The carbon filter takes out cigarette smoke and smells such as those from pets. The ions also remove odors embedded in carpets, curtains and furniture.

QNET India is a division of the major direct sales company QNET based in Hong Kong and owned by the Qi Group. The company started up in 1998, mostly selling gold, including coins, jewelry and watches. They were the distributor of coins for three sets of Olympic Games. They still lines of luxury products, and in 2006 branched out to other consumer products, especially in the health and beauty industry. They were pioneers in e-commerce.