Brazil’s economy has been on the rise in the recent past. This has seen lots of investors from around the world moving their investments into the country. To satisfy the needs of these investors, lots of investment management firms have come up in Brazil. Investors should choose well to ensure that they end up with the right firm to manage their investments. A good investment firm must have a good manager. One of the respected investment managers in Brazil is Zeca Oliviera. There are several reasons why to pick Zeca Oliveira’s firm for your investment in Brazil:
1) Experience in the market
The partnership between Gradual Investimentos and Bridge Trust Administration Resources brings together several years of experience in investment management, wealth management, brokerage and financial advisory. This accumulated experience is important to investors. The firms are in the position to successfully oversee an investment’s success without the investor putting in much effort.
2) Successful history
Both the firms have successful histories. Each has managed to grow exponentially since establishment. This is a clear indication that the investments they manage have also been succeeding. With this partnership between these two successful investment management firms, investors are assured of success. The pieces of advice they give clients are also highly rated.
3) R $6.5 billion of assets managed
With over R $6.5 billion of assets under the management of the group, they are one the biggest players in the field. The huge value of assets under their management is also a guarantee that the group is trusted by lots of investors who are investing in Brazil. The operation of the group is also monitored by Central Bank.
4) Zeca Oliviera’s prowess
Zeca Oliviera managed to increase the total amount of funds under Bridge Trust’ managed from R $ 900 million to R $ 2.5 billion in just one year. His decision to have the company partner with Gradual Investmentos will see the amount of funds under his control increase tremendously. He previously worked at BNY Mello as the Chief Executive of BNY.

If you are facing a legal issue in Brazil, you want to retain a lawyer immediately. Having a good lawyer on your side will certainly give you peace of mind in knowing that your case will be handled properly. 

Choosing the right lawyer in Brazil to help you in your case is not difficult. But it’s important that you take the time to find the right one. There are several factors to consider when choosing a lawyer in Brazil or any other place.

You should also keep in mind that whomever you hire as your lawyer may have to delegate some responsibilities to his or her office staff. In addition, it is important to consider the way the lawyer’s assistants treat you to get an of how the lawyer handles cases. A good law office staff should treat clients courteously and professionally.

Experience is an important factor and should not be ignored. You will certainly want to choose a lawyer who has experience in handling cases similar to yours. . With an experienced lawyer, you have better chances of achieving the anticipated result, than going with an inexperienced lawyer.

Professional affiliate is another consideration. Look for a lawyer who is affiliated with reputable associations that cater to your needs. You can contact the regulatory agency to find out what associations may be available and active in the area in which you intend to hire a lawyer.

Make sure you ask for references. Before you make a decision to hire a lawyer, check references. It is always advisable to hear from people who could comment give information about the lawyer’s skills and reputation.

Before you ultimately hire someone to handle your case, or advice you in a legal issue, use your common sense to evaluate the lawyer based on the information you have obtained. You’ll want to hire someone you are comfortable with. You want to hire the best lawyer who has an established record of success in representing clients.

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent leader and strategist in Brazilian legal practice. As one of the most experienced litigation lawyers in the area of corporate law, Ricardo Tosto has represented many public personalities and large corporations. Mr Ricardo Tosto has established a great reputation in the Brazilian legal system and among his clients. He owns and operates one of the largest law firms in Brazil.

When you want to begin trading in Brazil, you have a unique opportunity to invest in a new market that is going to explode with the help of the recent World Cup and 2016 Olympics. There are many people who like to trade in Brazil, but they follow these tips that were first reported on The Street. Think over each one of these items, and consider how you can apply them to your own business.

Learn Your Exchange Rates

Most people sit down and watch the exchange rates as they are making trades. This is something that you should learn to do so that you know you are always getting the best value for your own dollar. You want to trade when the exchange rates are in your favor, and you need think about how you can make each new sale or purchase work for you. You may not understand what these exchange rates mean, but you want to make sure the dollar is strong when you make an investment.

Ask The Locals

You should start getting to know people who live in the country. These locals can help give you information that people reading magazines or journals simply do not have. Your people on the ground can help you learn the perfect time to make an investment, and they can help you get rid of a stock when they know that it might tank soon.

Get Your Papers Together

You need to make sure that you have compiled all the forms and paperwork you need to trade in Brazil. The files and paperwork themselves help you get registered to trade in the country, and they will allow you to file your taxes properly.

When you are prepared with these tips, you will be able to trade in Brazil to great success.

Source: TheStreet

As the years pass and the economy continues to work its way out of the major slump that we experienced in the past decade, it has become more and more difficult to find honest businesses in the loans industry. It is understandable if you find yourself a bit leery of any company offering you loan services after the financial collapse that had so many businesses partaking in predatory lending. However, there is no need to look any further than BRL TRUST. 

Founded in 2005 by a team of experienced professionals, BRL TRUST proved itself to be a leading company in its first year of operation by taking on over 100 loans in which the trust acted as Intervening Trust. In the nine years that have passed between then and now, BRL TRUST has, according to the Anbima ranking, established itself as the largest administrator of the investments funds in Brazil; a huge accomplishment considering that Brazil is by far the largest and most populous South American country. 

After experiencing this early success, BRL took on further responsibility by expanding itself into new areas such as Administration of Management of Investment Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Capital Markets. Today, BRL focuses on five main areas: Fiduciary Services, Funds Administration, Funds Custody, Asset Management, and Asset Underwriting. Each one of these branches is run by experts who are well versed in each industry. 

The mission and direction of BRL TRUST is guided by three highly qualified executives who oversee all branches of BRL: 

Mauricio Ribeiro is founder and director of BRL TRUST and is responsible for Custody Fund and the International area. During his time spent developing BRL, Mauricio has established himself as a market leader in the segment of debenture trustee. 

Also director and founding partner, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes is responsible for the Fiduciary Services, project finance, and management of SPEs. Gomes has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has worked for major companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ernst & Young. 

Finally, Rodrigo Cavalcante is partner-director of BRL. Cavalcante serves as both Accountant and Lawyer for the company after graduating with an MBA from FGV. He is also duly authorized by CVM to act as Fund Investment Administrator. BRL recognized the accomplishments of Cavalcante and invited him to join BRL as partner in 2010 to be responsible for the Funds Administration area. 

Each of these partners shares the same mission and values for the company and its future. BRL promises transparency in all its activities as a way to foster a trusting and open relationship between business and client. It is of utmost importance to these executives that their business acts in an ethical way that puts the needs of the client over the needs of the partners. 

To get in touch with BRL Investments, all you need is access to a computer or telephone. You can contact them through their website by following this link, their Facebook, or you can contact them by telephone at +55 (11) 3133-0350.