In any given culture, it is important that a company shows pride in the culture it is advertised in. There are many ways to show pride in a culture. The only thing is that sometimes it could backfire on the company. The company has to provide a natural respect to the culture that it is advertising in. If it comes off like it is trying too hard, or patronizing, then it is going to give people the wrong impression and show them that the company does not know anything about the culture and probably can't be trusted to sale high quality products.

Among the different aspects of the culture the company can address is the customs, the history, the language, and tons of other aspects of the culture of countries like Brazil. As a matter of fact, the best way for a company to take culture in account when it comes to the advertising is to let the advertising company in the country handle the promotion for that particular country.

  One example is letting Claudio Loureiroof Heads Propaganda handle the advertising in Brazil. Claudio is a native of Brazil and therefore knows the culture very well. As a matter of fact, he is very much part of the culture and the culture is part of him. This is what qualifies him to advertise for his country in Brazil. The fact that he is very intimate with the culture gives him the ability to present an ad that smoothly integrate the culture into the product that is being sold.

A large part of using cultural advertising is in knowing how to communicate with people of the culture. This includes not only speaking the language but including things like values, norms, and other aspects of the culture as it depends on the product.