There is something fascinating going on in the world of marketing. It is extremely important for marketing directors in companies to take notice of it in the year 2018 and beyond. It is called leveraging the power of the crowd.


Many people know that social proof is something that can be used in marketing to get better results. The truth is that getting reviews on the internet will result in many benefits.


First of all, there is the issue of increased customer trust. If you want your customers to buy from you, then they need to be able to trust you. You can no longer win customers’ trust by putting out nice messages in your marketing materials. Customers are now relying on other customers to find out information on whether or not they should trust a certain company. You can tap into this trend by getting people to leave reviews about you on the internet.


The fact is that consumers are flocking to the internet as the source of information about products. Many people are no longer asking their friends and family about which products they can use. They are now placing their trust in online reviews.


Can a negative review cause a consumer who was considering buying a product decide not to buy the product? It certainly can. Many consumers report that if they see negative reviews about a product, they will decide not to buy the product. Another thing that makes a difference is how the company responds to reviews, including negative reviews. If they ignore the negative reviews and do not attempt to fix the issue, then their reputation will be ruined.


Are you wondering how often consumers actually use the internet to do research about a product? The fact is that consumers use the internet to do product research very often. Many do it every time they want to purchase a product. Others do it when they are undecided about a product. Many consumers, over half, in fact, search for online reviews at least every month. More and more people are owning smartphones, and more and more people are now searching for reviews online.


Are you missing out if you do not use online reviews? You certainly are. All of the top brands are now using reviews. Many are using various forms of testimonials on their various online profiles. Using internet reviews on your sales pages will greatly benefit your bottom line. You will make more sales. Every year, more and more brands are utilizing internet reviews. If you want to keep up with the times, you need to do the same.


Fabletics is a company that utilizes internet reviews. That is why they have grown so much. It is also why they have such a good rating with the BBB. Another factor is the involvement of Kate Hudson. This famous actress ss a big supporter of Fabletics. It was her idea to have them partner with Techstyle Fashion Group, their parent company. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz now.