The Summer Youth Employment Plan is the latest project of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey. Headed by CFO Kevin Seawright, the Newark CEDC has partnered with NewarkWorks and other civic leaders and groups, as reported by in February. Summertime jobs in 2016 are the goal. One of the long-term goals is an increased college attendance for this group.

The program will offer six weeks paid work experience for participants. The minimum wage will be offered by the program participants who are providing jobs. Empowerment classes for students, on-the-job training, accounting for business, and college readiness classes are all part of the program.

In preparation for summer, the application process has begun. This is the first year that an online application has been required for the students to compete for entry into the program. Seawright was pleased with the progress of the streamlined process. Six weeks work of collecting 350 applications was done in thirty minutes time. Last year, there were 3000 participants, and this year, the Employment Plan would like to add 500 more students to the program.

Two banks, Santander Bank, and TD Bank, will be participating this year. They will allow students to open savings or checking accounts, and the banks will teach the students how to handle their personal finances. Short term financial goals for the students are learning to manage these accounts. The long-term goals are for the students to successfully handle finances in the future.

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and management professional who has worked for the government, in real estate, and in the education sectors. He is a strongly motivated individual who has consistently brought economic relief to nonprofit organizations. He has created a few miracles by blending private sector know-how with government forces. Seawright has been responsible for tightening and tweaking the financial structures he manages with technology. CrunchBase actually indicates that Seawright was the Chief Financial Officer for Maryland Parks and Recreation. He then moved his fiscal management capabilities to the education sector. For a few years, Seawright served as Director of Operations at Collington Life Care Community.

In the private sector, Seawright worked for Tito General Contractors. During his time there, he enhanced production levels of the company and oversaw the adoption of new technology at management level. From payroll to scheduling, Seawright has smoothed out the administrative process. His workplace locality has so far been in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.