Lawyer, business man, and entrepreneur Sam Tabar has been named Chief Financial Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. Officials are pleased to announce that Sam Tabar has been named to head fiscal operations for this highly respected fund. Tabar is expected to help lead the company to new fiscal heights in the coming year. His work is expected to help the company march full steam ahead into the new year. Staffers at the fund are happy to welcome Tabar into their ranks. They welcome his many important insights as the company officials continue to seek out new investment opportunities in the energy sector.

A Talented Senior Team

At present, Tabar joins a team of talented legal and fiscal professionals who aim to help investors locate opportunities in the energy market. He and his fellow staffers at FullCyle want to help people around the world shuck off their old methods of doing things and find a better way to power the world. Tabar is aware that present day methods of fueling the world's economies cause many kinds of problems including pollution. He and those at FullCycle would like to help solve this problem by providing people with alternatives that are safe and efficient and do not pollute. To that end, they intend to explore new types of energy that are known to be eco-friendly and better for the world.

Tabar's Many Interests

Tabar comes to FullCycle after a long career in many other important fields. He began his education in the United Kingdom where he graduated from one of that nation's most admired institutions of higher learning. Since then, he has chosen to make his home in New York City where he earned his law degree. Sam Tabar's work has been largely focused on financial matters including investment in various areas of the world such as the Pacific Rim. His work has also included stints for many important world companies such as Merrill Lynch. He hopes to turn his many skills to the needs of those investing with FullCyle. Under his supervision, the company is expected to continue to provide economic opportunity and highly impressive gains for those investors who choose to work with the company. He hopes to see FullCycle continue to offer important assistance for investors who want to help fund new sources of energy and join with him in making our world a better place for all who live here.