Most people know Sam Tabar as a prominent New York attorney, and others know him as an effective financial strategist. But perhaps he is most known for the powerful investing advice he has given to investors across the US. Examiner just released an article detailing some of his ideas about investing that normal Americans can use for themselves.

But why should anyone listen to Tabar? The reason simply has to do with his experience. He worked as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP for some time. Though Tabar was an exceptional legal practitioner, he wanted something else. This is when he decided to start his journey into business development and capital strategy. It was not long before Tabar was asked to join Bank of America as their Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Tabar definitely has both the legal knowledge and the financial experience to give out advice about investing.

This is especially important to pay attention to because it is estimated that about 75 to 80 percent of all Americans will need to dig into their retirement income to maintain their lifestyle. Tabar suggests that people start looking at the stock market and do their research. He thinks it is important to diversify as much as possible. Do not invest in just one stock, even if it is seems like a sure thing. It is also important, he thinks, to follow the trends. At the moment, there is a strong desire for companies, even startups, that are socially-conscious or green-conscious. Tabar suggests that you spend some time with companies that are attempting to introduce a new produce that will attract certain groups like millennials.

In fact, Tabar shared one of his own investments, which was in a company called THINX. They produce fashionable panties that women can wear while menstruating. The company is committed in helping other women around the world by donating 7 cloth pads to the women of Africa for every pair of THINX sold. It is clear to see that Tabar does have the well-being of the everyday American in mind when going over some of these suggestions.


The Summer Youth Employment Plan is the latest project of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey. Headed by CFO Kevin Seawright, the Newark CEDC has partnered with NewarkWorks and other civic leaders and groups, as reported by in February. Summertime jobs in 2016 are the goal. One of the long-term goals is an increased college attendance for this group.

The program will offer six weeks paid work experience for participants. The minimum wage will be offered by the program participants who are providing jobs. Empowerment classes for students, on-the-job training, accounting for business, and college readiness classes are all part of the program.

In preparation for summer, the application process has begun. This is the first year that an online application has been required for the students to compete for entry into the program. Seawright was pleased with the progress of the streamlined process. Six weeks work of collecting 350 applications was done in thirty minutes time. Last year, there were 3000 participants, and this year, the Employment Plan would like to add 500 more students to the program.

Two banks, Santander Bank, and TD Bank, will be participating this year. They will allow students to open savings or checking accounts, and the banks will teach the students how to handle their personal finances. Short term financial goals for the students are learning to manage these accounts. The long-term goals are for the students to successfully handle finances in the future.

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and management professional who has worked for the government, in real estate, and in the education sectors. He is a strongly motivated individual who has consistently brought economic relief to nonprofit organizations. He has created a few miracles by blending private sector know-how with government forces. Seawright has been responsible for tightening and tweaking the financial structures he manages with technology. CrunchBase actually indicates that Seawright was the Chief Financial Officer for Maryland Parks and Recreation. He then moved his fiscal management capabilities to the education sector. For a few years, Seawright served as Director of Operations at Collington Life Care Community.

In the private sector, Seawright worked for Tito General Contractors. During his time there, he enhanced production levels of the company and oversaw the adoption of new technology at management level. From payroll to scheduling, Seawright has smoothed out the administrative process. His workplace locality has so far been in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.


Lawyer, business man, and entrepreneur Sam Tabar has been named Chief Financial Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. Officials are pleased to announce that Sam Tabar has been named to head fiscal operations for this highly respected fund. Tabar is expected to help lead the company to new fiscal heights in the coming year. His work is expected to help the company march full steam ahead into the new year. Staffers at the fund are happy to welcome Tabar into their ranks. They welcome his many important insights as the company officials continue to seek out new investment opportunities in the energy sector.

A Talented Senior Team

At present, Tabar joins a team of talented legal and fiscal professionals who aim to help investors locate opportunities in the energy market. He and his fellow staffers at FullCyle want to help people around the world shuck off their old methods of doing things and find a better way to power the world. Tabar is aware that present day methods of fueling the world's economies cause many kinds of problems including pollution. He and those at FullCycle would like to help solve this problem by providing people with alternatives that are safe and efficient and do not pollute. To that end, they intend to explore new types of energy that are known to be eco-friendly and better for the world.

Tabar's Many Interests

Tabar comes to FullCycle after a long career in many other important fields. He began his education in the United Kingdom where he graduated from one of that nation's most admired institutions of higher learning. Since then, he has chosen to make his home in New York City where he earned his law degree. Sam Tabar's work has been largely focused on financial matters including investment in various areas of the world such as the Pacific Rim. His work has also included stints for many important world companies such as Merrill Lynch. He hopes to turn his many skills to the needs of those investing with FullCyle. Under his supervision, the company is expected to continue to provide economic opportunity and highly impressive gains for those investors who choose to work with the company. He hopes to see FullCycle continue to offer important assistance for investors who want to help fund new sources of energy and join with him in making our world a better place for all who live here.


In any given culture, it is important that a company shows pride in the culture it is advertised in. There are many ways to show pride in a culture. The only thing is that sometimes it could backfire on the company. The company has to provide a natural respect to the culture that it is advertising in. If it comes off like it is trying too hard, or patronizing, then it is going to give people the wrong impression and show them that the company does not know anything about the culture and probably can't be trusted to sale high quality products.

Among the different aspects of the culture the company can address is the customs, the history, the language, and tons of other aspects of the culture of countries like Brazil. As a matter of fact, the best way for a company to take culture in account when it comes to the advertising is to let the advertising company in the country handle the promotion for that particular country.

  One example is letting Claudio Loureiroof Heads Propaganda handle the advertising in Brazil. Claudio is a native of Brazil and therefore knows the culture very well. As a matter of fact, he is very much part of the culture and the culture is part of him. This is what qualifies him to advertise for his country in Brazil. The fact that he is very intimate with the culture gives him the ability to present an ad that smoothly integrate the culture into the product that is being sold.

A large part of using cultural advertising is in knowing how to communicate with people of the culture. This includes not only speaking the language but including things like values, norms, and other aspects of the culture as it depends on the product.