The country of Brazil celebrates a long journey that its literature has taken over the years and it continues to evolve. Authors in Brazil have taken the responsibility of conveying the beautiful and diverseĀ culture of Brazil and its influences. One can learn all about Brazil and its diverse culture from the work of the authors. Their woks is said to have a great impact to the society and the world at large. Brazil has brilliant authors both male and female. The work of the Brazilian authors is recognized and appreciated across the country and in the world. There have been generations and generations of authors in Brazil since it acquired its independence in 1822.

Bahiaprime says one of the first authors in Brazil is Machado De Assis. He is among the most important writers of the Brazil Realism. Despite the fact that Machado received little formal education, he worked as a typesetter in a publishing house and this in a way formed the basis of his writing career. He wrote his work when slavery was ongoing in Brazil. He contributed to the embracing of the different cultures. He has the written books on Realism, Romanticism, Naturalism and impression. His most popular book is Epitaph of a Small Winner.

Another popular and loved author is Jorge Amado. His books have not only gained popularity but received a lot of criticism. He has written about the customs and the people of Brazil. His books include Captain of the sands, Clove and cinnamon. He has also written a classic Brazilian literature known as Gabriella. He is known to write humorous literature.

Euclides da Cunha is another known politician and famous author who used his works to expose corruption of the Brazilian armies and revealed how poor the Brazilian society of Canudos was .His best known work includes Backlands and The Canudos campaign.

Jamie Garcia Dias is in the list of the popular and most successful authors in Brazil. He had published ten books at the age of thirty and has won five literary awards. White Crane, an organization that recognizes authors across South America and across the world, accepted Jamie into their organizations due to his great work in literature. His best known books include Hell from Heaven, Two ways, Canal Clouds and Tiny.

Among the female authors in Brazil is Adriana Lisboa. She is recognized as one of the new voices in the Brazilian literature and is very popular. She uses characters that grew in Brazil and this helps to bring out the culture and influence of Brazil.