Brazil’s economy has been on the rise in the recent past. This has seen lots of investors from around the world moving their investments into the country. To satisfy the needs of these investors, lots of investment management firms have come up in Brazil. Investors should choose well to ensure that they end up with the right firm to manage their investments. A good investment firm must have a good manager. One of the respected investment managers in Brazil is Zeca Oliviera. There are several reasons why to pick Zeca Oliveira’s firm for your investment in Brazil:
1) Experience in the market
The partnership between Gradual Investimentos and Bridge Trust Administration Resources brings together several years of experience in investment management, wealth management, brokerage and financial advisory. This accumulated experience is important to investors. The firms are in the position to successfully oversee an investment’s success without the investor putting in much effort.
2) Successful history
Both the firms have successful histories. Each has managed to grow exponentially since establishment. This is a clear indication that the investments they manage have also been succeeding. With this partnership between these two successful investment management firms, investors are assured of success. The pieces of advice they give clients are also highly rated.
3) R $6.5 billion of assets managed
With over R $6.5 billion of assets under the management of the group, they are one the biggest players in the field. The huge value of assets under their management is also a guarantee that the group is trusted by lots of investors who are investing in Brazil. The operation of the group is also monitored by Central Bank.
4) Zeca Oliviera’s prowess
Zeca Oliviera managed to increase the total amount of funds under Bridge Trust’ managed from R $ 900 million to R $ 2.5 billion in just one year. His decision to have the company partner with Gradual Investmentos will see the amount of funds under his control increase tremendously. He previously worked at BNY Mello as the Chief Executive of BNY.