Platinum Leed Seal is the primary method considered when it comes to certification of works under the principles of excellent sustainable construction. The Mineirao Arena received the Seal in 2013 after its completion being the second Sports Arena to receive the seal certification. The construction project was carried out by a consortium run by Construcap. The Mineirao Arena is a stadium in Brazil owned by the University of Texas in the US.  Construcap has also recently undertaken building a brand new Fiat factory, continuing their trend of excellence.


The criteria applied by the Leed Rating System to certify sustainability include the rational use of water, energy efficiency, quality of indoor surroundings, materials recycling and technological innovation that the construction is carried out. For any construction to be certified by the system, it must meet all the perquisites and receive a minimum amount of credit.


Any project should not score more than 110 points. Several degrees were used to measure commitment as outlined. Works that attained more than 40 points got the Leed Seal, while the Leed Silver goes to any job that achieves more than 50 points. Leed Gold certification gets to be awarded to works that attain more than 60 points. Any work that achieves more than 80 points gets the Leed Platinum which is the highest category won by Mineirao Arena led by Construcap. Construcap produced a series of actions in their work before reaching the excellence level of sustainability exceeding 80 points. They ensured that their work was within all the principles applied by Leed Rating System from the beginning of the project to the end.


Wikipedia details how the architectural project was prepared with care for the environment so as to minimize energy usage. Construcap created a water catchment storage system that helped reduce water usage significantly. They then opted for discharges with limiters time and faucets with hydro-mechanical closing to ensure re-use of the water. To save on energy, the Mineirao Arena had a core of photo-voltaic power generation. The project also took care of waste around the Arena by making a collection system and proper waste disposal that to allowed waste recycling. Above all, they created a preferred vacancy in the parking lot to reduce greenhouse gas emission during initiation of movement.  For employment, find Construcap’s latest job vacancies on