Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the current chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He began working at Eucatex Group in 1987 in the department of trade. He later moved to the industrial section where he worked until he earned a spot on the executive board in 1996. In 1997, Maluf was promoted to the CEO position. For almost two decades, Maluf has strived to promote innovation while investing in new products. This move has put Eucatex Group at the level where it can outclass other international companies.


Eucatex background


Eucatex Group was first formed in 1951, but it started operating officially in 1954. It began operating in Salto, Sao Paulo, and mainly focused on the production and marketing of liners and insulations from eucalyptus wood fibers. Eucatex Group has grown over the years, and today it meets the needs of its many clients in different businesses. This company offers its services to furniture manufacturers in the furniture industry, and it supplies large-scale industrial construction materials to its customers in the construction business.


A closer look into the company’s operations


Eucatex Group has three main divisions: the construction division, furniture division, and the forestry unit. In 2010, the company launched a new industrial plant in Salto, responsible for the manufacture of Thin High Density and Medium Density Fiberboard.


The construction division of Eucatex produces laminate floors, modular partitions, paints, and doors. Due to an increase in the demand for laminate floors from architects and interior designers in 2010, the construction division recorded unprecedented increase in sales. The furniture unit is one of the largest suppliers of wood fiber plates and MDP in Brazil. These furniture products are produced using the latest technology and eucalyptus wood as the raw material.


Eucatex Group is recognized for its best practices in sustainable development. For instance, the company owns 44,000 hectares of forest in Sao Paulo. This forest caters for requirements in the furniture division. Eucatex has international certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 awarded to them by Forest Stewardship Council. The Stewardship Council ensures that forests are managed according to rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards.

But Flavio is also well known for his contribution to the Brazilian economy.  Many newspapers, including Exame.Abril, have counted on his expertise to break down Brexit and many other issues.