Malini Saba is one of top philanthropist and investor who has made a great impact in the entire world especially in the field of investment as well as business. Born in Southern Asia, Saba has now become an incredible business woman to emulate. She began her investing journey in the 1990s dealing with companies located in Silicon Valley. She engaged herself in several business ventures including Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks, and Paypal. All these ventures have been a great source of income for Malini. Concerning her success, I personally admire the way she started her career in business simply because she also started from small while experiencing various challenges. I never knew that she at first invested in territories before come up with the leading Saban Company. As she tells her walk to success, is evident that Saba had to deal with various limitations such as corrupt people who were forcing her out together with her associates. This is a point where she lost nearly everything she had including time, money and the entire business. These limitations did not hinder her from going for her dreams. She went ahead alongside her associates to open another enterprise. Even after starting a new company, she still had to endure some challenges, but her motivation and spirit towards business never allowed her to give up. What a powerful investor?


 As we talk, Saba is enjoying her lifetime efforts due to her endurance. Currently, she is the biggest shareholder of the Saban Company that deals with real estates, energy provision, rice fields among others across the world. Besides being a business oriented woman, Malini has an amazing personality. I like the way she is sharing her success by catering to the needs and interests of other people. As we all know, Saba is the co-founder of the Global Investments in Women, a global organization for charity. It has helped many women with low incomes to improve their lives and standards of living. Saba not only builds her ideas and visions, but she cares about the lives of other women. I am motivated with how she embraces risky business opportunities while other investors are running away from those risks. I remember her saying that the commodity market her most appropriate field to invest owing to the risks involved but the returns are high. No matter her success and wealth, her family comes first. She takes good care of her kid as a person. I recall her saying that she takes her child to school each and every day. She has time for her child unlike many women of her stature. No babysitters nor nannies in her house. This act an essential lesson to learn as parents. When I am asked to describe who is Malini Saba in one sentence, I can say that she is a caring, powerful, smart and innovative woman. Surely, the world needs this kind of woman not only to change the world but also to mentor our women for greatness.