Thanks to an agreement just released between QNET India and the Japanese electronics firm Sharp, QNET is going to sell the Sharp Plasma Cluster Air Purifier as a co-branded product, Sharp-QNET. It will be promoted on QNET India's e-commerce website.

The Consumer Business President of Sharp's division in India, Kishalay Ray, said QNET had demonstrated a lot of innovation in their health and wellness line of products. By partnering with QNET, they are able to reach committed consumers who trust QNET and already purchase many health and wellness products from the company.

QNET is delighted they can offer their customers a technologically sophisticated product to improve their health.

Founded in 1912 and based in Osaka, Sharp started out making belt buckles and mechanical pencils, but eventually grew to become one of Japan's premier electronics companies, up there with Sony and Nintendo. It's a pioneer in flat screens and hand-held devices. It's also well-known for its flat-panel televisions and Internet-ready cellphones. It's the third-largest brand of mobile phones in Japan. It made the world's first transistor calculator and camera telephone.

Sharp air purifiers use its proprietary and patented Plasmacluster ion generator as well as an effective air filtration system that cleans 8 cubic meters of air per minute. Plasmacluster technology uses electrical discharges to create positive and negative ions. It issues them into the air where they surround and attach themselves to bacteria and viruses, forming oxidizing free radicals. They pull out the atoms of hydrogen in the bacteria and viruses, destroying them. The oxygen and hydrogen atoms combine to form molecules of water. Also, other ions discharge the static electricity in the air, neutralizing the dust, pollen and mold, which is then taken out by the unit's filtration system. This greatly helps sufferers of allergies. Larger particles are trapped by a micromesh. The carbon filter takes out cigarette smoke and smells such as those from pets. The ions also remove odors embedded in carpets, curtains and furniture.

QNET India is a division of the major direct sales company QNET based in Hong Kong and owned by the Qi Group. The company started up in 1998, mostly selling gold, including coins, jewelry and watches. They were the distributor of coins for three sets of Olympic Games. They still lines of luxury products, and in 2006 branched out to other consumer products, especially in the health and beauty industry. They were pioneers in e-commerce.