You're probably thinking how it is that a positive comment can change the world. I must admit, I was thinking the exact same thing when I first heard about the RYTHM Foundation Positive Thoughts Project. After learning more about it, I realized just how amazing this project is.

QNET, Asia's largest direct selling company, has a special foundation known as the RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and their vision is to care for those who are most vulnerable. And that's really what makes the Positive Thoughts Project so amazing.

In an effort to provide clean water to children who need it most, QNET and the RYTHM Foundation have teamed up HomePure to donate water filters to two schools in need. The two schools are Taarana and Rashid Centre in the UAE.

Now all they need you to do is leave positive comments to help bring awareness to this life changing campaign. QNET has set up a special Facebook post where they want people to leave positive comments. The overall goal is to reach a total of 1000 comments with the first 500 coming in the first two weeks of the campaign.

If the two week goal of 500 positive comments is reached, QNET will donate the first HomePure RED water filter to Taarana. In phase 2 of the campaign, which will be the last two weeks, QNET is going to try to get an additional 500 comments which will result in the company donating the second HomePure RED water filter to Rashid Centre in the UAE.

The great thing about the Positive Thoughts Project is the way its set up. All you have to do to help is leave a positive comment. And being that most of you reading this already spend a great deal of time on Facebook anyways, taking a few seconds to leave a comment shouldn't be much of an inconvenience.

Note: All comments will be reviewed. Only comments deemed appropriate and valid will count towards the bigger goal of 1000 comments. Additionally, each individual may only leave a maximum of 3 comments.

Start commenting today and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Every positive comment posted will help provide clean drinking water to children who really need it. Be sure to share the post with your friends so more and more people can get on board. The more comments they receive the more people they can help.

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