Freedom is a value that is highly esteemed in the United States.It is no wonder that more and more senior citizens are seeking a way to retain their freedom while at the same time being able to have help available when they need it most. That is exactly what assisted living can offer. The freedom that is so desired with the help that is desperately needed.

The key to finding the right assisted living facility for your loved one is to find the amenities and professionalism that will offer help when needed, and step back and allow for maximum freedom. Asking questions of the facility, taking tours, and looking at resident reviews are a few of the ways that one can judge if a facility is right for them.

One such facility, Manse on the Marsh has stunning reviews and residents rate it highly. This facility allows residents to experience the freedom that they have always loved, but at the same time offers help in a split second when it is needed. Pagers are given to every resident and response times are about a minute when they are activated.

All the amenities of assisted living are there as well. The staff makes weekly checks for housekeeping and laundry and can do it more often if needed. One can also expect meals, ambulatory services, and help bathing and dressing. The Manse on the Marsh offers all of these perks as well as 24 hour nurse on site, transportation and medicine reminders.

Assisted living is a way for seniors to enjoy their golden years, and that's what Manse on Marsh was designed for. No one wants to be confined to a bed in a nursing home or hospital. Assisted living stresses mobility and keeping actived for as long as possible. Many facilities even offer gyms, yoga classes, and low impact aerobics to keep their residents moving, healthy, and happy.

Facilities also offer field trips to their residents. Catch a play or movie, or even go sight seeing with swtaff present to aid with transportation and getting up and going. On special occassions many facilities even offer special dinners, programs (like at Christmas and new Years), dances, and barbeques.

The concern over freedom can even be met with a variety of different living situations. Among some of the many facilities availabe include homes, cottages, apartments and shared living units. Depending on the level of privacy desired, ability to pay, and regionthe individual lives in one is sure to get a unit that they can be comfortable in.

Assisted living is almost like staying at home with the perks of having a medical staff and emergency services right on site. When seeking to help a senior family member make thedecision, be sure to always consider their needs and wants first and foremost.  Make sure you're choosing a company that can be contacted easily.  Also, following them on Twitter can help too.